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Founded by industry companies for the benefit of the resources sector.

Why Verisafe

Highest Standard of HRWL Verification of Competency Assessment

High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) holders are assessed under specific work conditions required by the industry, and are verified as having the relevant knowledge, skills, and experience to work safely on site.

An Industry Recognised Verification Framework 

The Verisafe Verification of Competency framework is an initiative of industry companies delivering best practice competency assessments for the sector.

Efficiency of Mobilisation 

VOC assessments are valid for three years and are mutually recognised across participating Member companies, reducing the time and cost of re-verification prior to mobilisation.

Quality Assessment by Registered Assessors

Verisafe Registered Assessors are mutually recognised as holding the required level of knowledge, skills,and experience to effectively evaluate High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) holders within their speciality areas.

Easy to Manage and Share Verified Worker Competency

Verisafe has partnered with MyPass Global to provide secure, cloud-based, and centralised management of worker Verification of Competency records, enabling easy mobilisation of verified workers across Verisafe participating companies.

Recognition of Competency

Once verified by a Verisafe Registered Assessor, workers are recognised as competent by participating Member Companies and Contractors, as ready for mobilisation.


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