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Opportunity to deliver industry best practice for HRWL competency assessment.

Become a Registered Assessor

Established by industry companies, Verisafe enables participating Members to fulfil their duty of care, by ensuring industry workers hold the necessary experience, skills, and competency to safely complete High Risk Work tasks on site.

Verisafe provides registered assessors with recognition of the highest level of industry skills and experience, and the opportunity to deliver best practice competency assessment for the sector.

Verisafe values the experience and input of our assessor network. Verisafe Registered Assessors are consulted on the continuous improvement of assessment tools to ensure Verisafe continues to deliver industry best practice.


To become a Verisafe Registered Assessor all the below requirements must be satisfied:

Verisafe Registered Assessors are subject to regular audits, which may include the quality of assessment, record keeping, and the ability to undertake Verisafe VOC Assessment within the requirements of the framework.

Start your Verisafe Registered Assessor journey.

Why Become a Registered Verisafe Assessor?

Verisafe offers assessors access to a robust and efficient assessment framework and provides registered assessors with:

Registered Verisafe assessors are recognised by participating Member Companies and Contractors to hold the required  knowledge, skills, and experience to evaluate High Risk Work Licence holders within their speciality areas.

Verisafe has partnered with MyPass Global, a centralised workforce onboarding and compliance platform designed to ensure the right people with the right skills at the right time, are performing their tasks on site.

Safety Driven

Specific skills and experience essential to work safely and effectively in high risk work

Skills Based

Verisafe verified High Risk Work Licence workers have the right level of skills, knowledge, and competency for the industry

Industry Specific

Assessments are conducted under industry work conditions and mapped to industry and regulatory requirements

Robust Process

 Only assessors that meet strict criteria are approved to undertake Verisafe Assessment


Verisafe has partnered with MyPass Global a secure, cloud based platform that is ISO 27001 certified

Quality Assured

Verisafe is a robust and audited program

Start your Verisafe Registered Assessor journey.