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Frequently Asked Questions for Contracting Companies

Where can I book a Verisafe VOC for my workforce?

Verification of Competency assessments for High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) holders are available with participating Registered Training Organisations. Book Verisafe VOC assessments for your workers with a participating RTO, which are listed on our Find an Assessor page. Remember to request a Verisafe VOC when you make your booking.

What does a Verisafe VOC cost? 

Contact a participating RTO listed on our Find an Assessor page who will be able to provide you further information on their booking process, assessment fees and lead times.

I accidentally booked the wrong VOC for my worker. Can I have a completed VOC changed to a Verisafe one? 

No. Other types of VOC cannot be changed to a Verisafe VOC. When booking a VOC for your workers, you must make sure to specify that you require a Verisafe VOC. 

Our workers are located interstate. Can I book a Verisafe VOC for a worker who lives outside of WA?

Verisafe currently only offers a network of registered RTOs within Western Australia. We recommend that you allow sufficient time to gain a Verisafe VOC before mobilising your worker. 

My worker holds an international HRWL. Can I book them for a Verisafe VOC?

Under the WHS Regulations, a person must be trained in accordance with the applicable unit of competency by an Australian RTO. Your worker must then be assessed as competent against the applicable national assessment instrument (NAI) by an assessor who is accredited by WorkSafe.

This means that if you worker only holds an international HRWL, they must first obtain an Australian HRWL before you can book for Verisafe VOC. 

Does my worker receive a Verisafe VOC certificate?

No. The completed VOC outcome is not supplied as a certificate. The VOC outcome is uploaded to MyPass on your worker’s behalf, by the RTO. 

What HRWL classes can I book as Verisafe VOC?

The full list of Verisafe HRWL VOC is available on our Find an Assessor page, where you can also view which RTO offers which specific HRWL classes. 

How long are Verisafe VOC valid? 

Verisafe VOC are valid for 3 years from the date of issue, and are accepted across our participating Member Companies. 

How does the Verisafe VOC work? 

Once completed, the outcome of the Verisafe VOC is uploaded to your worker’s passport in MyPass. It is then validated before it can be used by Member companies.

How does Verisafe VOC benefit my workers? 

Not only is a Verisafe VOC valid for 3 years, it is valid across sites and projects for all participating Verisafe Member Companies, enabling your workforce to be mobilised across different Member companies. This makes mobilisation more efficient and you do not need to pay for a new Verisafe VOC everytime. 

Can we use our own internal HRWL assessors to undertake Verisafe VOC?

All Verisafe VOC must be undertaken by a Verisafe registered assessor. Visit our Find an Assessor page to view our network of participating Registered Training Organisations. 

Can I upload the Verisafe VOC outcome for my worker? 

No. Only the RTO who completed your worker’s Verisafe VOC can upload the Verisafe VOC outcome into MyPass. If you or your worker upload a Verisafe VOC, it will be rejected by the Mypass validation team. 

Who has access to the Verisafe VOC of workers?

You will need to share your resource pool with a Verisafe Member Company and any relevant RTO that is engaged to provide Verisafe VOC assessments, for them to see the VOC outcome of your workers.  Only organisations you choose to share your workers with will have access to your workforce Verisafe VOC records. For more information on sharing your resource pools in MyPass, visit the MyPass help pages