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Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Assessors and RTOs

Can I email a worker Verisafe VOC so the contracting company administrator can upload it to MyPass? 

No. Only the assessor or the administrator of the RTO completing the assessment can upload the Verisafe VOC. If a VOC is uploaded by the worker or the worker’s company administrator, the VOC will be rejected. 

Why can’t I see the worker in MyPass?

Resource Pools need to be shared with the RTO by the contracting company, in order for the worker to be viewed and the Verisafe VOC outcome uploaded.
If you are unable to see a worker, contact the contracting company and request that their resource pool be shared with your RTO. 

Why can’t I see the worker in Mypass, now the resource pool has been shared? 

If the resource pool has already been shared with your RTO and you are still not able to view the worker, the admin for the resource pool also needs to update the permissions to give you access. Contact the administrator of the worker’s contracting company and ask they update your permissions. 

Who has access to workers passports in MyPass?

The contracting company will need to share their resource pool with both the Member Company and the RTO that is engaged to provide Verisafe VOC assessments.  Only organisations the contracting company choose to share their workers with will have access to their workforce Verisafe VOC records. For more information on sharing resource pools in MyPass, visit the MyPass help pages on their website.

Can we issue our own certificate for a completed Verisafe VOC? 

No. Verisafe VOC cannot be issued on an RTO template. One of the validation checks when uploaded into MyPass is that the Verisafe VOC  must be on the actual Verisafe assessment template. Remember that only the first two pages are uploaded or the VOC will be rejected. 

Can we use our own assessors to undertake Verisafe VOC?

Verisafe VOC must be undertaken by a Verisafe registered assessor. One of the validation checks when uploaded is that the VOC must be completed by a registered Verisafe assessor. For your assessor apply to be registered, download the Assessor Application form and submit to  

How do I add HRWL classes to my Assessor registration?

To add new classes to your existing Assessor Registration, download the Assessor Application form and submit to  
Remember to tick the “add new classes” box at the top!

How long does it take for my application renewal or added classes to be approved?

The approval process is now quicker when you apply to renew or add a new class. Once you complete your Assessor Application form and submit to, you no longer need to wait for a member meeting. Providing the form is completed fully with all supporting information provided, your application should be processed within 10 business days.