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Crane Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments are currently under development, with the intent to ensure crane operators are competent. As safety in the workplace becomes increasingly important, the demand for reliable and consistent crane operator assessments has grown. Verisafe’s assessments cover topics such as crane setup, loading and unloading procedures, and risk management and are mapped to industry and legislative requirements. This ensures that operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate cranes safely and effectively.

One of the key benefits of Verisafe’s VOC assessments is their flexibility. They can be conducted on-site, ensuring that the assessment is relevant to the specific crane type and operating conditions. Additionally, the assessments are conducted by qualified assessors who have the necessary expertise and experience in the industry, providing employers with confidence in their workers’ competency. Verisafe’s development of VOC assessments for slewing and non-slewing cranes mapped to industry and legislative requirements is a significant step towards improving workplace safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

Verisafe is committed to providing reliable and accurate VOC assessments that reflect the latest industry standards and practices. To achieve this, Verisafe collaborates with its participating members, subject matter experts, and training organisations to develop and refine its assessments. Verisafe actively seeks input from its members and stakeholders to ensure that its assessments are relevant, comprehensive, and meet the needs of the industry it serves. Verisafe’s collaborative approach allows the continual improvement and update to VOC assessments, in order to reflect the evolving needs of the resource sector.

The development process for Crane VOC involves in-depth review and refinement of the assessment questions and criteria to ensure that the assessment is relevant, reliable, and accurate. With the help of Verisafe’s VOC assessments, companies in the resource sector can ensure that their crane operators are competent and compliant with safety regulations, leading to improved workplace safety and reduced risk of accidents.